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From our CEO

Our team comprises of experienced coaches, athletes and technology experts and we share a common passion – the development of athletic performance of all levels, ranging from grass-roots to elite, through the use of intuitive technology.

Grass-root initiatives promote participation in sport and encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Young athletes stay engaged when they are surrounded by well educated and equipped coaches. Quality coaches have a lasting impact on young athletes and help lay the critical foundations for athletic performance at higher levels.

Technology is heavily involved in developing sporting performance. Unfortunately, these technologies are often only available to those at the elite level or are time-consuming to setup and use.

Our team has developed advanced video analysis technology that is easy to use and accessible by all that supplements the coaching process.

Whether you are a coach, physical education teacher, parent of an athlete or an athlete, Athletics3D is a powerful tool that can help advance your overall knowledge of the track and field events and enhance your coaching process.

Leon McBride
Co-Founder and Creative Director

Benefits of Athletics3D for Coach Education

Increase Coach Accreditation Retention
Standardise Athletics Coaching Technique
Education too to suit visual learning style
Nurture Existing Coaching Membership And Ensure They Feel They Are Equiped To Advance Their Skills
Changeable Technique Tips & Video Drill Content To Suit National Teaching Curriculum
Available On IOS & Android Devices


Here is a quick preview of the features Athletics 3D offers.


Athletics3D provides a fantastic way of learning the technical intricacies of each track & field event – the interactive 3D animations that can be viewed from any angle, in super-slow-motion and freeze frame. Other features include:

  • Pre-set camera views: Front, back, left, right and top
  • Swap between a left & right foot forward on the blocks in sprints and hurdles
  • Swap between a left & right take-off leg in the jumps
  • Swap between a left & right handed athlete in the throws
  • Footprint motion-graphics


Athletics3D features nine track and field events:

  • RUN – Sprinting, Middle Distance & Hurdles
  • JUMP – High Jump, Long Jump & Triple Jump
  • THROW – Shot Put, Discus & Javelin


Step through each event in sequence with informative tips synced to the 3D animations. The tips cover:

  • TECHNIQUE | Tips relating to the technique of each event.
  • COMMON FAULTS | The common faults that athletes exhibit when performing each event along with corrective procedures.
  • BIO-MECHANICS | A detailed overview of the bio-mechanical principles of each event.


Each event features informative drills & progressions videos featuring Olympic Decathlete, Cedric Dubler.


One of the most effective ways to identify faults is through the use of video analysis. Go one step further and use the Athletics3D video analysis tool to compare your videos against the 3D animations – Load or Record, Anlayse, Comment & Share.

  • Load or record a video
  • Compare your video to the 3D animations
  • Draw over any frame of the video


Visualise the athlete’s underlying skeletal and musculoskeletal layers.


Reinstate and build your brand power with the coaching community. The Athletics 3D app features the capability for certain elements to redesigned to feature organisation logo and colours.


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Thank you for taking the time to learn about Athletics3D. To discuss our platform further, please feel free to contact us:

Leon McBride
Co-Founder & Creative Director